Stop Procrastinating

Don't do this. (Flickr)
Don’t do this. (Flickr)

Do you procrastinate?  How many of you have been to the dentist in the last six months? Last year? It has been four years since I have been to the dentist, but that is changing. I have decided to stop putting off things like going to the dentist, changing the oil in my truck, and inventorying supplies. I made an appointment today to see a dentist, I changed the oil in my truck, and I am starting to inventory supplies. Things like this may seem trivial, but it is much easier to do them now than after the SHTF.

My dad was just in town visiting and one morning at breakfast he chipped a tooth. Now this is something that can happen to anyone, but he had a pre-existing crack in that tooth, not a big deal in our world today. What if the SHTF and that crack becomes a chip? Big trouble, unless of course you have a dentist in your prepping group. I know many of us demonize the dentist, but it never is really that bad, and if it is I suggest you try another dentist.

My truck is just about to hit the 100,000 mile mark and it was time for some maintenance. I changed the motor oil, front and rear differential, and transfer case. In my case this is something that I enjoy doing so I didn’t procrastinate, however, I know plenty of people who don’t do their own maintenance and they have to take it somewhere. This can lead to procrastination because you have to call the shop and make an appointment, then take your vehicle there, then pick it up, and usually pay much more than doing it yourself. I challenge you to learn to do the maintenance yourself, if not, at least call and make an appointment to get your maintenance done. Routine maintenance isn’t the only thing we need to take care of on our vehicles. If you have a bug out vehicle or your daily driver is your bug out vehicle, as is my case, then you want to make sure it is in tip-top shape. Take a look at your tires. Do they have plenty of tread left? When is the last time you checked your spare tire? Most mechanics recommend getting a new spare tire after seven years because the rubber can degrade. How is your suspension? Are your wheels aligned? These are all minor fixes that most any shop can do and they aren’t that expensive.

Inventorying supplies is something we should all do when purchasing and storing them. I kept a detailed list of which items were in each box or bucket, however, I didn’t list any of the expiration dates, rookie mistake. Now I need to check all of my perishable preps and see when things expire. I know there many in our community that claim you can eat stored food well past the expiration or best by date, but why even cross that bridge if I don’t have to?

Seriously, don't do this. (Flickr)
Seriously, don’t do this. (Flickr)

How many of you have some type of health issue? The past six years I dealt with a toe problem that would become very painful after a few hours of physical activity, until I had surgery and got it fixed. In the past I would always think “what if the SHTF while I am on crutches?” I was finally in enough pain that I knew I had to get it taken care of and if the SHTF while I was on crutches then so be it. Now this is a little more drastic than changing your oil or going to the dentist. It is a serious thing, and quite expensive even with our good health insurance. But what you need to decide on is if your ailment is something that will drastically reduce your chances of survival in a SHTF scenario. If the answer to that question is “yes”, then you need to get it taken care of.

What are some of the things that you have been putting off? What do you need to do in order to be ready for the SHTF? Let me know in the comments and as always, Happy Prepping!

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