About Me

Hello fellow preppers.  My name is Ryan and I have been prepping for about five years now.  I started getting into prepping for numerous reasons that you can see in my “Why I Prep” page.  I want to share a little bit about my background because it is a little bit different than most of the people in the prepping community that I have met.

My life as a prepper really started when I moved to Alaska about eight years ago to work as an outdoor educator.  I worked with at risk youth and lived all over the state of Alaska, most of the time in a tent, for two years.  During this time I learned valuable skills to not just surviving in the wilderness but how to thrive and be comfortable, this is one of the biggest pieces of information that I want to share with other preppers.  After working in Alaska, I moved to Wyoming and completed a 90 day NOLS, National Outdoor Leadership School, course.  During this time I also spent the majority of the time living outdoors and once again learned new ways to thrive and be comfortable.  This course included time in the mountains of Wyoming, the canyons of Utah and the mountains of Wyoming and Idaho in the winter.  The most impressive accomplishment from my time at NOLS is that I didn’t use toilet paper for three months.  During this time I also completed two separate Wilderness First Responder courses.

After completing the NOLS course, I went to Patagonia for two months.  During this time I backpacked all over Argentina and Chilean Patagonia, the majority of the time solo.  I also climbed Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the western  hemisphere at 22,841 feet.  The time spent in Patagonia taught me how to efficiently carry the needed gear to survive for up to two weeks in the backcountry.

I then moved to Montana and have lived here for the past six years.  During my time here I have really started prepping.  My wife and I have started a very successful vegetable garden and learned how to preserve the garden’s bounty.  In addition, I have started hunting deer and elk each fall in order to provide our own meat.

During my time in Montana, I have worked extensively in the mountains and glaciated terrain.  I have learned how to be safe, survive, and thrive in these environments, and I hope I can share some of that knowledge with you.

Happy Prepping!