2016 Election

Hello fellow preppers. I am not sure about you but I have been very dismayed by what is occurring in this election cycle. How many of you don’t feel represented at all? When was the last time you felt represented?  I personally have never felt represented by any candidate running for office in any election.  This could easily make me just forget about it and not pay any attention to the election at all, however that is not a good idea.  I think we as preppers need to be as informed as possible as to what the candidates are saying at a national, state, and local level.  This information can help to inform us as to different ways to prepare.  An example would be if Donald Trump gets elected I don’t think many of us are worried about door to door confiscations of our firearms, but if Hillary is elected, that is more of a possibility.

While Hillary Clinton claims in public that she doesn’t want to limit guns for law-abiding citizens, some of her closest supporters and allies do want to control guns.  This is important information because I imagine if she gets elected the period between November 8th and January 20th will be very difficult to buy guns and ammo, just like back in 2008.  With this knowledge at hand, a prepper can stock up on any guns or ammo BEFORE November 8th.

Another possibility of a Hillary presidency is the expansion of Islamic terrorists coming into our country.  There is no denying this possibility because she has stated she wants to increase the number of refugees coming to American and some of our top security advisers have stated they have no way of knowing if ISIS has infiltrated these refugees.  This is also where your state and local elections come into play.  If your local government is all for having a thousand or more unvetted refugees coming to your town, then maybe you can change their mind with your vote.  I don’t think that every refugee coming to our country is a terrorist, but it only takes one as we have seen time and time again in Europe.

A big possibility of a Trump presidency would be more war or civil unrest.  While I initially appreciated the way he would “tell it like it is” attitude, I am beginning to get tired of it.  The guy needs to learn when to shut up.  Trump’s mouth coupled with his braggadocio towards other countries could push us into a hot war or a cold war.  On the other hand, if Trump keeps his composure and sticks to his promises of fiscal conservatism, then we could end up with civil unrest.  When people have been getting things for free for a long time, they get awfully upset when they have to start paying their own way, I am referring to entitlement programs.  This unrest would most certainly result in a continuation and escalation of the rioting we have seen recently in Charlotte, Baltimore, and Ferguson.

Depending on which candidate you believe, if the other person gets elected the economy will crash.  What do we do with this information?  My family is stockpiling cash, precious metals, and food stores.  We still contribute to our 401k and IRA’s, but we also are stocking up on things that will not be worthless in an economic crash.  In this scenario I am referring to a crash, not a complete collapse where physical cash is worthless, i.e. Venezuela.

Don’t get too discouraged.  Do as much research on the candidates as possible, and vote your conscience.  Also, get as many of your preps in order before the election, just in case.

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